A Little Ludwig Goes a Long Way

A smattering of opinions on technology, books, business, and culture. Now in its 4th technology iteration.

About Me

I am currently unemployed for the first time in my adult life. I should have done this a long time ago! Prior to this, I have worked at:

  • Lear. I led the Xevo automotive SAAS platform for our automaker customers, and contributed to Lear’s work on creating an overall software strategy
  • Xevo (acquired by Lear). I was president of Xevo, managing all development and delivery of Xevo’s various automotive software platforms and apps.
  • Surround.io (acquired by Xevo). We were working on edge computing for a variety of use cases, including automotive.
  • Ignition Partners. I was a founder and GP of Ignition Partners, along with a set of other Microsoft escapees and wireless industry escapees.
  • Microsoft. I started as an individual contributor in the network business, and ultimately was a Vice President in charge of various system software and cloud solutions. I am most proud of our work on Windows 95 and on Internet Explorer versions 1, 2, 3.
  • Booz-Allen & Hamilton (since acquired by PWC). I was a general strategy consultant, working for a lot of Midwestern corporations.

I have degrees from:

I’m usually in the Northwest, tho occasionally in California.

My current interests include learning, personal IP management, reading, IoT, strategy, society, and college football. In the past I spent way too much time on Halloween decorating. I have burgeoning interests in pickleball and rock hounding.

Contact Info:

  • primary email address is john AT theludwigs DOT com, tho a bunch of others work.
  • Text if you know my cell; don’t bother calling tho (unless I’ve agreed to a scheduled call). I won’t pick up unless you are a blood relative.
  • Signal if you know my cell
  • Twitter @jhludwig