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I kind of love Wombo Dream

07 December 2021

I am kind of loving Wombo Dream. Endlessly fascinating. I asked it to create some Windows 95 inspired images, using the various styles, and the results just get trippier and trippier:

Win95 thru a blurry lens
Windows 95 imagined thru a blurry lens.
Win95 with an edible
...after an edible...
Win95 now with peyote
...now try peyote...
Win95 now with absinthe
...or maybe absinthe...
Win95 in the concussion protocol
...while in the concussion protocol...
Win95 at the club
...or while at the club...
Timothy Leary style
...as Timothy Leary might see...
Win95 after a lot of eggnog
...after the 9th eggnog.