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Recent Books -- Hell Of A Book, Escape from Rome, Wilkes Insurrection, Debt, Incal, Van Zandt

15 November 2021

  • Hell of a Book by Jason Mott. Great story of a writer struggling with the terrible events in his life, and the terrible toll racism has on all.
  • Escape from Rome by Walter Scheidel. Quite the slog but a compelling argument that the fall of Rome was essential for the creation of the competitve and progressive West. One wonders how this dynamic will play out over the coming century. One also wonders if this is an argument for devolving more rights and programs to the state and local level.
  • The Wilkes Insurrection by Robbie Bach. Really well paced and a couple of great characters. Very good first outing from Robbie.
  • Debt: The First 5,000 Years by David Graeber. The evolution of debt, markets, and money as seen by an anthropologist. Vlad and John turned me onto this, it is a bit wordy, but super interesting, a very different view from the conventional wisdom. I am still processing, it is very relevant to current discussions about student debt forgiveness and debt ceiling.
  • The Incal by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Mœbius. Highly rated graphic novel, not really my cup of tea. A bajillion creative concepts jammed willy nilly into one story, leaving little room for character or coherent plot.
  • Unrequited Infatuations by Stevie Van Zandt. What a life and what a character. Greatly appreciate his passion and commitment to art. Inspiring.