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Recent Books -- The Weak Spot, Dance of Molecules, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Dirty Work

17 October 2021

  • The Weak Spot by Lucie Elven. Strange characters acting in strange ways. Hard for me to care about any of these people.
  • The Dance of Molecules by Ted Sargent. A little dated, but still good. Very nice language, better than most science books. I think Reardon recommended this one to me years ago, I should have read it then.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr. Sprawls over a huge swath fo history but ties it all together nicely. I was captivated. Deserving of the accolades it has been receiving.
  • Dirty Work by Eyal Press. Examines the unpleasant jobs we ask people to do in society, and how we ignore and turn our eyes away from these jobs and their consequences. Sobering.