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3 features I'd like in streaming media

17 October 2022

1, I really wish the AppleTV device had features for serious sports viewers. PIP so I can keep up with multiple games. Fast 1-button switching between two or three different games. I used to have these features on my old cable boxes, we have really lost something. And sports enthusiasts would pay for these features, if there was a special sports version of the appletv box I would buy it in seconds.

2, I’d love to see my viewing history for any service as I can with Netflix (although even on Netflix, it is buried in a stupid place in the UX). I’d like to be able to quickly rate shows, filter my history, share it or a filtered subset of it, etc. Every week my kids ask me “what did you watch good this week?” and I have to scramble to answer.

3, I wish all streaming services would integrate with either/both AppleTV and Amazon aggregation features - easy account activation/deactivation, viewing within the app, participation in favorites list, etc. I want to use an aggregator and I don’t care which one particularly. I don’t want to have 17 logins with 17 different apps with 17 different UXes – and boy are the UXes on some of the lesser streaming services bad, Showtime I’m looking at you.